Kiki noun. Definition: An assembley or meeting, especially one held for the specific purpose of gossiping or chit-chat. "Let's have a kiki!"

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Celebrate Mother's Day with Tokunbo's Kitchen and Motherhood Reconstructed - Kiki Blah-Blah

There will be plenty of great home cooked Nigerian meals and drinks as well as entertainment and music as would be expected of any Nigerian party. The family fun day brunch includes a jewellery making and interactive activities for kids.

neon naked life drawing- Kiki Blah-Blah

Neon Naked is a new and unique Life Drawing experience that specializes in creating unusual and creative designs by using vibrant and bold living sculptures.

chinese new year 2018

90s Karaoke turns 3!
If you grew up in the 90s, were born in the 90s, or just love everything about the era, then tie a sweater round your waist, roll up one of your trouser legs and go get jiggy with ‘Hot Since 91’!


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Eindhoven to Amsterdam; A guide to travelling solo

Mum of three Sareta travelled alone for the very first time, what’s it like to be spontaneous and live in the moment? No kids, no hubby to please… what happened in Amsterdam didn’t stay in Amsterdam, take a read.

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook; Healthy Diet And Mind

We’re a nation that prefers to watch people cook rather than cook ourselves it seems! Trace drops some knowledge and gives us some tips on how to improve our mental health, mind and body through a healthy diet. Have a read and let her know what you think…

Dry January, did I make it till the end?

How many of you set out to have a ‘Dry Jan’? That’s no alcohol for the entire month of January for those who have no idea what I’m on about… is it possible? Lizzy lets us know… 🍷

Lush Lips? It’s Going To Be A Lush Valentines

Lush has always my one stop shop for amazing bath bombs and fab face masks, but this time I need the perfect pout. Zara reviews Lush in time for Valentines Day… Who doesn’t want Lush Lips and a sparkly smile?

Tantrums and Tinder; Modern Dating For A Single Mum

35-year-old single mum Jude investigates this millennial way of dating. Is Tinder all it’s cracked up to be? Can you really find love Disney style or is it just a big meeting point for rejects and F**kboys?…

Valentines Lingerie with #VeryValentines

Lizzy and I attended a event in London last week. Not only did we see some fabulous lingerie brands, but we also had the pleasure of having a chat with a few familiar faces! Take a look at our #VeryValentines… 💋

A Co-Parenting Christmas

You read “My First Shared Custody Christmas” by Jude, we shed a tear, gave her a virtual hug, now let’s see how she coped without her little one on Christmas Day.

5 Things To Do During February Half Term

I know, I know, the kids just went back to school after the Christmas break! Now you want to discuss February Half Term?! These things creep up on you, but it’s cool, I’ve got you covered… #SchoolsOut

Change (coincidentally) for the New Year

2017 wasn’t the best year relationship wise, however, career wise, it was bloomin’ brilliant! Unfortunately I’m still going to have to change, and coincidentally it ties in with the new year, new me cliche.

Coolest Monkey In The Jungle… according to H&M

There are two types of people in this world. Those who can’t believe a huge brand such as H&M would place a boy of colour in this sweater and those who would call him the coolest monkey in the jungle. *Face Palm*

New year, same me.

It’s the new year, 2018! Does that mean I’ll be on full on diet mode, exercise like crazy, and be the person I always wanted to be? Zara shares her new years revelations.

The A word – Autism.

A family friend pointed out that she thought our son was autistic, I was livid and cried until I had no tears left, but it turns out that she was right…



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